Let’s Build a Strong Foundation for Life

Why 1000 Days

First 1000 days of life cover the period from conception to the baby’s second birthday (conception to infancy) . It marks the period of accelerated growth and development in every aspect. Nutrition, both during breastfeeding and complementary feeding, is extremely important and modifiable component in building the foundation for healthy life. Well planned nutrition intervention during these 1000 days can ensure neurological as well as physiological growth and development to the maximum potential and prevent diseases in adult life. Nourish 1000 days aims to provide evidence based knowledge about nutrition and timely nutritional interventions for pregnant and lactating mothers to help build a strong foundation for their child’s life


  • Every child should receive optimum nutritional care to achieve optimum growth and development
  • Every mother should be equipped with right information to provide the best possible nourishment to her baby and her own self



  • Pedant pregnant
  • Nurturing the nursing mom


  • Innocuous infant
  • Turbulent toddler
  • Cherubic child
  • Affable adolescent


  • Wholesome meals
  • Training for growth monitoring

Hospitals/ nursing staff/ midwives

  • Breastfeeding counseling
  • Dealing with breastfeeding issues
  • Growth monitoring
  • Baby friendly hospital initiatives


Prenatal nutrition counseling

Preparing body for conception is the most crucial step in achieving healthy outcomes.Poor nutrition before conception can lead to nutritional deficiencies in the baby as well as the mother thereby adversely affecting growth and development.

Pregnancy nutrition

The seeds for chronic diseases are laid in the womb. Mother’s nutrition during pregnancy is key determinant for baby’s future health. The quality and quantity of food consumed by the mother needs to be planned carefully and consciously.

Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes during pregnancy can cause much stress and anxiety in the mother. Mothers need guidance regarding the appropriate type and quantity of nutrients, especially carbohydrates to be consumed without compromising growth of the fetus


Polycystic ovarian Syndrome occurs due to an imbalance in reproductive hormones that often cause undesirable secondary sexual characteristics or even loss of fertility. PCOD treatment requires expert nutritional guidance and support.

Lactation support

Mother’s milk is the “amrit”/ “elixir” of life for a newborn child. Mother’s milk cannot be replaced by any other milk and consists the perfect balance of nutrients required by the growing infant. Our trained and experienced lactation counsellors are here to support all mothers in experiencing the joy of breastfeeding.

Complementary feeding support

On completion of 6 months, in addition to mother’s milk babies need complementary foods that are nutrient dense, of the right consistency and quantity to attain optimum growth and development during the critical first year.

Growth assessment

Mothers often worry that infant is not gaining adequate weight thereby leading to overfeeding and stress. Optimal growth can be assessed using age and gender specific growth charts and these records are vital tools in detecting diseases in early stages.

Building childhood immunity

Frequent infections in early childhood compromise growth substantially. Specific nutrients play a role in building strong defense system to face the challenges posed by the outside environment.


Pooja Singhania PhD, RD, CDE

She is a registered dietitian , diabetes educator and a certified Infant and Young Child Feeding Counseling specialist by BPNI/ IBFAN and Programming for Infant and Young Child Feeding by UNICEF. She has received Young Scientist Award 2010 by Nutrition Society of India and Nestle Research Award 2015 for her research work in field of nutrition. She has more than 10 years of experience in research and development, nutrition education and diet counseling. Equipped with hands-on experience of being a mother and a deep understanding of nutrition, she is eager to reach out to every mother and child to ensure they achieve the best possible nourishment through the critical first 1000 days of life

Neha Arora MSc(UK), RD

She is a maternal and pediatric registered dietitian and a certified Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF) counselling specialist by BPNI/ IBFAN & Save the Children (International) which includes both lactation and complementary feeding. She has a progressive professional experience of over a decade and worked with women and children in all strata of societies. She has worked with reputed national and international women and child organizations- Foundation for Mother and Child Health, Action Against Hunger, Hinduja Hospital to name a few. She is passionate to see that every child born is able to reach the maximum potential he/she can and is not limited because of poor health & nutrition


Deesa Kamdar Shah

mother of 8 month old

Just wanted to say thank you for all the support provided to me as a new mother and new to breast feeding. You were extremely friendly to me and helped me be at ease and made breast feeding possible, for that I am very thankful. You are such a blessing to new mothers who are struggling! I recommend your services to all new mothers I know. Also thanking Neha for all the help and guidance you have provided me! My baby was little underweight at birth all doctors told me to start top feed but it was only your faith in Breastfeeding that helped me make my baby a healthy baby at 7th month only on breast milk. Thanks to Pooja to introduce you to me and thanks a lot to your team!

Drishya Johari Kanodia

mother of premature twins

I have been in contact wid Dr. Neha n Dr. Pooja since mre den a year now… wen it comes to kids m very particular… i hv lyk contacted dem every single day… n d kind of support dey give n knowledge dey provide … is just marvellous… d articles which r published contains a lot of information.. i hv been tagged as a “family consultant”fr kids😅… all because of them.. its very important to understand the importance of nutrition in kids… i am really grateful i hv been in touch wid dem… thanx for ur support especially emotionally Dr. Neha… all the best!!..keep spearding the awareness…👍🏻

• Detailed diet plan
• Customized exercise plan
• Weight gain monitoring and feedback
• Tracking blood reports /medical records
• Functional foods/ Nutraceuticals
• Supplementary nutrition

• Galactogogues / foods to boost breast milk production
• Breastfeeding support/lactation counseling
• Detailed diet plan
• Exercise to prevent sagging and muffin tops

• Complementary foods : schedule for introduction
• Food allergies and intolerances
• Recipes for home made complementary food and finger foods
• Traveling with infants

• Diet plan fulfilling nutrient needs
• Specific nutrients for physical and mental growth
• Physical activity chart for toddler
• Recipes for wholesome Home made finger foods

• Assessing nutritional status
• Meeting requirements for specific nutrients that impact adult health
• Achieving maximum potential for growth and development
• Appropriate physical activity

• Cafeteria menu planning – breakfast, lunch and snacks
• Understanding need for meeting specific nutrient needs
• Food allergies and choking hazards
• Understanding and addressing hyperactivity in kids

• Distinguishing between under and overnutrition
• How to use growth charts
• Understanding early signs of malnutrition
• Activities to facilitate physical as well as mental growth

• Assessing a breastfeed
• Observing a breastfeed
• Listening and learning for effective counseling
• Positioning baby at breast
• Breast conditions that may hamper breastfeeding
• Feeding of premature or low birth weight babies

• Not enough milk
• Refusal to breastfeed and crying
• Feeding sick babies
• Expressing breastmilk
• Working mother and breastfeeding
• HIV positive mother and breastfeeding

• Distinguishing between under and overnutrition
• How to use growth charts
• Understanding early signs of malnutrition
• Activities to facilitate physical as well as mental growth