Sore Nipples

One very common difficulty new mothers face is sore nipples. Once developed, it causes a lot of pain during breastfeeding and consequently mother may discontinue breastfeeding. The best remedy is prevention. Sore nipples can be prevented by ensuring good attachment.

Causes :
1) Poor attachment of baby to breast- Nipple sucking may cause excessive pain and soreness. baby should take a mouthful of breast wherein almost all of the areola is in baby’s mouth.
2) Engorgement, fissures or candida
3) Candida in babies

1) Stay calm and confident
2) Ensure good attachment and continue breastfeeding
3) If engorged then feed frequently or express manually
4) Treat candid infections if symptoms are present

Way ahead:
– Wash breasts only once a day, avoid soap
– Avoid medicated lotions and ointments
– Rub hindmilk (milk that is secreted towards the end) on areola after feeds